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Hello Jacqueline,

Your server myluciddreams . com  has been temporarily suspended as it is using 100% CPU usage on all system cores which is causing issues for other clients on the same node. We will unsuspend your service once you have contacted us back and will look into this issue. We have to take this type of action on issues like this as it isn't something that will fix itself, and is more than likely a rogue plugin or something in your world causing the high processor usage. Also it may be caused by using an outdated server wrapper or some mods in a mod pack if your using a modded server.

Mike A - Director of Support

I have a ticket into the host to attempt to fix this, although we may have to change some things.  I have always felt there has been a memory leak somewhere and never thought the service was up to par, so I kept upgrading and upgrading.  If this is not fixed soon, I do not know what will become of Lucid Dreams.
[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder I thought I did unban you gameking, but you are putting your appeal to be unbanned in the wrong place. It goes under fo ...
[Prem.] gameking25 hey I have been banned and my friend crabypoplton too but we were framed! plz unban us we miss the big plots, the werewo ...
[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder Posted Tue at 16:26, Last Night I closed the server for the night due to events that went on.
I have 5 really good applications of people who really want staff right now.  I also have staff that are taking advantage of their rank and so I am going to as of January 1, 2014 begin to have a look into your time more on a quarter month or half month basis....If I see you have made no effort at all to take precious care of your rank by coming on the server and helping...yes actually helping people and myself out....then I have to demote you.  It is simply not fair to those who are and have been waiting for a long time to be staff.  As a matter of fact, I will even go further and say lately that they have been doing YOUR job at welcoming new people, telling them about the server while you are some other server least that is my assumption.  That will no longer fly in 2014.  No more will you be able to make up your time on the last day of the month or at the beginning of the month just to keep the rank, only to have you not show up for the rest of the month.  Also, there needs to be a steady presence on the server, not putting in 12 hours in one day then leaving for 15 days then coming on for 10 hours on a second day and boom your time is done.  I will be watching how your interact with the community, your maturity level, your experience, if you have progressed at all in your knowledge of the plugins we have to offer.  If you have stayed the same as you were 6 months ago, then sorry, it is time to move on.  An owner pulled out the stupid card the other day and told me they did not know how to rank someone up.  I was not impressed to say the least as I have more then once written it down in a /mail sendall and much to my surprise they say to themselves, oh that is just Jacie rambling again so they do /mail clear without reading anything I have to say.  Great job, I was training you.  Ignorance is no excuse from this moment on.  If you have been made staff member, I should not have to train you in every aspect of your job, there are tutorials that do that on youtube.  Smods are not doing their job at all at getting people more involved in mcmmo and sadmins are not doing their jobs at protecting land. I never see staff vanish except owners to go spy on new players to see if they are good or griefing.  I did not give you that rank so you could have a nickname. No, it is an actual job, a job where you work more then you play.  If this is not you, I call on each staff member to resign today because I have plenty who will work and a nick is just a nick.  Good Luck all.

Smod = 13 hours per month = 3.25 hours per week
Sadmin = 17 hours per month =  4.25 hours per week
OP = 20 hours per month =   5 hours per week
Owner = 24 hours per month = 6 hours per week

A steady pace of online presence and information to the community and being helpful when called has to be this way...thanks again.  I will be steadily demoting staff as of January 1, 2014.  

A note to staff applicants:  Please consider this information if you are applying as this applies to you as well.  If you filled out an app and are waiting, your chances will be zero if you have left the server for a while and have not kept up a steady presence as well.

[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder Until further notice, Staff is frozen. I will not be hiring any new staff until staff begins to thin out a bit, meaning ...
[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder Today I made this post sticky, meaning it will continue to stay as the very first post in the news feed as a friendly re ...
[Owner] Jessiekitty1 aStaff Thank You Jacie for the notices, as Zhu said.
I had no other choice but to delete Ucars, Ucars trade, Ucars racing, Mario Kart, Protocol Lib, Ultimate plugin updater, and for now the aft terminator.  I apologize but these plugins were wreaking havoc on not only our server, but every server on the same node we are in with the host.  They were a bit rogue.  We have to go back to our basic mcmmo, jobs, head hunter, jukeloop, magic lamps, skyblock, plotworld, dhmcdeath messages and /death, /hat along with the ability to use god, heal, feed, fly, ptime day or night, unlimited homes etc, the way it used to be.  Sadly, although those plugins were fun, they are not great on server performance.  I had to make a decision as to whether I should just call it quits and close the server completely down, or try to fix the problem.  Well, last night as I was going through and trying to see what was causing the issue, I found that those plugins were the source.  I suppose for those who are used to Lucid the way it was, a non mini games server will stay while others will be on their way.  Sorry, once again.  
Updated to latest Craft Bukkit jar file, hopefully will fix some of these issues.
Staff, keep the server going as usual, your services are much needed right now.  Thank you.  Get people to join the website too!  
[Prem.] Captain_Craft755 Community website by © 2014 Enjin View Mobile Version 0 1. Reason for ban? (If known) 2. Who banned you? (If known) 3. ...
[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder Thank you Ethan, I will miss yall a whole, whole, bunch. I have left many emails with my contact info. I am officially ...
[Owner] themightyredcoat aStaff
themightyredcoat @ myluciddreams.c...
I know I speak for all the admins when I say we will miss you and we promise to take good care of the server! ...

When can I apply for staff?

[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder posted Feb 16, 14
You come on to the server for the first check you ontime frequently.  Once your Total ontime says 1 day or 24 hours, at that point is when you can apply for staff, kinda like a get to know you and trust you stage.  After one gets staff, they are required monthly to have a certain amount of time at one week, then at two weeks, then monthly.  I promote and demote mid month and end of month.  The reason ontime is checked so frequently is because I want to make sure staff is coming on the server.  Then I look at what they are doing while on the are they being helpful or are they being rude and ignoring people.  Are they, (rank dependent)  hosting mob fights at pvp1, vanishing, protecting land, utilizing logblock, commandspy, as well as server performance maintenance or ranking new people up, or are they just arbitrarily playing or building and enjoying that nice new colorful nickname they acquired when they got the staff position?  I realize that I am stern and need staff as a team to adhere to a pretty strict set of rules that are on the front page of the website, also listed at /rules ingame and at /spawn and at warp new as well as in the forums.  It is imperative these rules are followed and that I have staff that will actually enforce them.  This server is 18 months old, and the "no profanity" rule has not been penetrated at all due to constant watchful eyes, warnings and bans....this is to keep the integrity of the server up...we say what we mean, and we mean what we say....."no cussing" for example. 
[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder Currently as of the end of February, staff positions have been closed until further notice as I'm a bit overstaffed at t ...
[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder ...
[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder hmmm, very interesting, I might have a solution for this problem, it is a plugin called acceptrules. They cannot do any ...

What I have noticed:

[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder posted Jan 31, 14
Yall are still doing it....When I looked at the times, you had 18 hours in last weeks and 21 minutes in this week....Please let's do this on a weekly basis now, Owner 6 OP 5 Sadmin 4.25 and Smod 3.25 weekly rather then 1 day then nothing.  Please, because next staff rotations, I will look at your time for the last week you were on, rather then your total time.  Thanks once again for doing an awesome job and keeping the server going.  Thank you.
[Prem.] Captain_Craft755 . Reason for ban? (If known) 2. Who banned you? (If known) 3. Were you online or offline when you were banned? 4. Wha ...
[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder ? There are many server issues lol
[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder GreatAssassin02 I unbanned you, I did not know you were banned until I just looked. I was wondering where you have been ...
New  Staff for February




The following have been demoted for lack of /ontime...meaning they did not get 1 half of their required time in since the 17th.




Current staff is as follows:

Founder - Owner




OP Rank:





[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder I have not seen it, I'll let you know if I do, thanks zhu.
[Prem.] zhuzhuiangle Congratulations everyone! Work hard and retain your time Also Jacie I think : xXWOLFIESXx purplemonkey579 Should bo ...
[Owner] Jessiekitty1 aStaff Congratulations to the new staff of Lucid Dreams!!!! Welcome!!
If you are staff, be sure to get the other half of your time in from this day to the end of the month when staff demotes and promotes will happen again.  Thank you.
Also, the logblock files have been dumped and we are starting fresh again, if you find something griefed, please discard of it or fix it, as there will be no log on it before about 545 pm central time January 17th, 2014.

My Position on the Matter.....

[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder posted Jan 17, 14
If only everyone had the passion to still be their rank as Eli showed last night, then we would not be here today, but rather, I have basically been bashed, the server has been bashed, the person I am has been bashed.  Again, I really appreciate everyone's efforts for the time they gave to Lucid Dreams, I really do.  When you become more familiar with certain situations, you realize that maybe ( I know I did) jump the gun regarding the certain someone whom you are speaking of.  He literally was trying to help the server, not cause it harm, and sent me a very apologetic email that I never shared with anyone. Although I did not agree with his methods,  he has been a long time friend, who for a while, I did not trust.  Today I fully trust him, and know he is on my side.  He certainly did not need to be told by an adult that he knew nothing about computers, that was a bit much coming from adult, who is suppose to support the children.  I know that there are some kids who are out right mean spirited, but he is not one of them, I assure you of that.  Kids these days are alot smarter then older generations are, it is just the way it is, and if they are really into coding, or learning java, this is a good thing, not a bad thing.  These kids are the future, they are becoming tomorrow's Lawyers, Doctors, Actors and Actresses, Engineers, Mathematicians, Scientists, Police Officers, Firemen.  If I have been a part in the very least of doing my job as their elder to teach them manners, new things, show them kindness, mold their thinking in knowing they are a good person and can do anything they want to, be what they want to be, then my job is done.  I set forth a few rules that would be good to follow regarding running the type of server I had a dream or a mission, if you will, to run.  Rated G, for the intellects, for the ones who did not want to hear that trash...and so, yes, God Willing, I will continue to leave this server open and your right Atrius, nothing is going to stop me now, at giving new children the opportunity to be staff.  The really eager, fresh faces who absolutely love the game and are eager to be helpful to another person who needs it and that being staff, has only been a dream to them.  I have always felt that we should have staff rotations, as everyone gets burned out after awhile.  I have been at this for 2  solid years, non stop, non failing, here as a Solid Rock, a place for the kids to call home, a place for them to socialize in their age group and make new friends, that is not facebook, but is a game, which brought them together in the first place.  Once again, if I have any former owners who still have that passion, please reapply, if there are any lower ranks who still have that passion, please reapply.  There were two or three people I really did not want to let go, but I had to.....Passion for the game and wanting to be helpful, this is a must, it does not feel like an obligation, because you love Minecraft alot, is the quality I am searching for.  Thank you for allowing me to run the server, it has been my pleasure.  As long as people come to the server, the server lives on.....

Staff changes

[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder posted Jan 15, 14
Current Staff
Founder -
635 aka Eli

OP Rank



635 aka Eli - repromoted to owner due to his showing a strong interest in still wanting to be one.

If any of the above people have a remote interest in still being at their rank, and can put in their time, please let me know...but it was far past due for this move.  Please do not be offended if I have demoted you and I have known you for years, it is just better this way to not have quite so many owners all at once.  The letter I wrote earlier in the month explains why this happened.  Thank you all so much for all the hard work you have put into the server, you were all great staff members.


Next staff promotions and demotions will occur on January 31 at meeting ontime so be sure you get your time in each month.  Thanks new staff members and congratulations.

And Remember, unless you have a crisis in your life, the definition of appreciation for something that you have, is taking care of it, and not taking advantage of it.  Thank you, Jacie Leavell

Always put school first, even if it means you will lose staff.  School first, that is the number one rule.

[Prem.] dahchampion During the summer I am going to a 1 week summer camp that doesn't allow technology. Could that be considered an excuse?
[SAdmin] purplemonkey579 Staff Hey Jacie, I was promoted to an S-Admin last month. My only concern is that I am not listed on the demoted list or S-Adm ...
[Prem.] KrashHeart12 I am so honored to join the LD staff, no really.
Go Joey aka IMMAboss445 aka ForeseenParadox!!!!!
Go Notch!!! 
[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder His latest on youtube, doing Pong in less than 1 hour ...
[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder Blah, he withdrew his name from the pot, but did make a game in under 24 hours. He said he considered it practice for t ...
[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder ...
Hi Jacqueline,

As a reminder your Minecraft server is set to be transferred today to one of the new servers, there's a small possibility that this may change however. I've made a full backup of your server as of now (8:22 AM CST). When the server is transferred I'll update your domain information to point to the new IPs however the DNS updates for the domain may take an hour or two once done. If you have any questions just ask, I'll put this ticket on hold and update you later if this is completed today.

Mike A - Director of Support
Do not know if they will immediately point to new IP or not....details to follow.
[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder The ip has already changed and it was a very smooth transition ...
[Prem.] natesl
natesl @
whats the new ip

Don't try to use mods without deleting META-INF

Minecraft will not load with META-INF and mods both existing in minecraft.jar, only a black screen will appear. If you can't delete META-INF, your minecraft.jar will become corrupted by the mod files, and Minecraft will not work until a new version is released. Thankfully, with the new launcher, you can go to your Minecraft directory, delete the version you modded in "versions," and re-download it with the launcher.

What Not to Do in Minecraft

[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder posted Dec 9, 13

Minecraft Block List

[Owner] jacieleavell aStaffFounder posted Dec 3, 13
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