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I do not feel everyone needs to see what is said in the forums, who has made a ban appeal etc, on the front page.
Owners may demote staff if it is deemed necessary.  Owners may only unban in order to issue a global ban instead of a local. When anyone, including an smod, sadmin, op, or other owner bans someone, no one is EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER is aloud to unban them, not even if YOU yourself made the ban....however you may make corrections to a misspelled name.  Jacie, yes that would be me, reserves the full right to do all unbanning, all promoting to staff, and making the music choice on the website. So this week, when I was very ill, many people resigned, got demoted, got banned, and rebanned, demoted and repromoted..

Guess What?  The Circus is Over.

[Prem.] natesl i might quit cuas i did nothing and i got demoted o if i dont come o nfor a while im gone forever so, goodbye, whoever m ...
[Owner] Jacie aStaffFounder Actually I don't Anna. I might need to go to hospital as I'm losing strength in my left side. sorta worried. Yall han ...
[Owner] AnnaKiersten aStaff Thank you for clarifying. I hope you feel better.
First in line - smod should always jump in first and if they can help, then all questions should be directed to them for answering general server questions and spawning mobs in the end and at warp mobarena and they are also capable of doing /eban /ekick, etc

Second in line - the sadmins would be next with copying and pasting homes from warp mh and also land protection.  Also with /ebanning /ekicking  muting etc as well as answering general server questions about how to use plugins etc

Third in line is the op rank if any are do all of the above plus mcbanning.

Lastly - there are no more senior and junior owners due to the recent events that have taken place.  WE currently have 16 owners, down from 23...and 16 is still alot..

Thank you.    
[Prem.] themightyredcoat I think if Senior owners think that junior admins are not working hard enough that we should report to Jacie. I already ...
Until I can figure out how to fix the mess I have made by hiring a bunch of fighting staff members...this is ridiculous...

You are not helping, you are too immature to help.

Do you think I hired you all for this, really? 


If you are a hindrance, and many of you are right now, then I will have to rethink the recent hiring spree I went on out of desperation.

I do not have to have this server, I don't....I mean that.

Thank you,
Jacie Leavell  
[Owner] Splintercell107 aStaff Jacie Im here at your side to help! ...
[Owner] Jacie aStaffFounder Good Lord In Heaven...thank you but it was the fighting is why I shut the server down...I myself, I am titanium regardin ...
[Owner] AnnaKiersten aStaff I have no idea what happened, but I hope that it resolves itself. We are here for you, though, Jacie.
Once your name is added onto this list, we will check with /lup name to see if it says 0 bans and 10 rep.  If it says that, it means a plugin somehow banned you.  I am still attempting to figure this problem out.  If anyone has any thoughts on what may be causing it, please comment below.  Thank you and once again, I am truly sorry.  You will need to be pardoned from the console, it will not work in game.  Only a few people have console, Jacie, Revenge, Rachel, Freaky, Stephon, and IMMAboss445 ( my son) but he doesn't come on much.  Even if you tell another owner it will not be remedied from in game, has to be console unban and pardon.  Thanks once again.  Jacie  
[Prem.] yazzie11 Iv been fake banned i cant get on anymore and i wanna see livnloz ...
[Prem.] cheasecakecat Jacie can you unban greencheetah4321 and I? I know I will be demoted but its ok I will do anything to get back on lucid ...
[Prem.] cheasecakecat Im not going to play a lot of minecraft anymore... lucid dreams was my favorite thing to do. I got banned so im not goin ...
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