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Quick Note

[Owner] wylietrout aStaff posted Sat at 19:01

From about 9 (Eastern time, US) to 10 or 10:30 (Eastern again) Lucid will be down for mantenience.

When Lucid comes back up, the new IP will be

You should be able to connect like usual if you use the DNS of, but some people may experience a lag and not be able to connect right away. Those people should be able to connect with the actual IP number. We'll tell you when Lucid is back up. Until then, Lucid will be inactive.

Sorry for the inconvenience! smile


[Prem.] CodedGoat YUS! Now I have LD's port number > JK, I have no idea what I can do with it ...
[Owner] wylietrout aStaff Lucid is back up! You can join from or =) ...


[Owner] wylietrout aStaff posted Fri at 22:09

We are now accepting donations. The donations area should show up below the Christmas countdown on the right side of the Lucid home page. Every donation counts, and we appreciate every bit of money that is given.



[Prem.] AzureKirby351 im gonna donate like a ton
[Prem.] Senpai I'm going to donate from 5 to 15 dollars to Lucid after Christmas... that's right, CHRISTMAS MONEY POWERS!
[CoOwn] Hedwig Loves Lucid! Staff I'm forcing my parents to donate xD

Lucid Is Staying Alive

[Owner] wylietrout aStaff posted Fri at 20:19

Recently we were told that Lucid was shutting down, as nobody would take the spot as a new owner. Fortunately, I have taken the spot and Lucid will live to see another day. I probably won't change much, at least for a while, so things will go on as normal. 

I would like to thank PNutts for helping me through the transition and keeping the server alive, as well as Jacie for founding Lucid and giving me a server to own today.

More details are coming soon.


[CoOwn] Hedwig Loves Lucid! Staff You saved my world. You saved me. I could never thank you enough. I love lucid! <3 <3 <3 ...
[SAdmin] Niestrat99 Staff Wylie you're not only my Fi-Bro anymore, you're a HERO for us all!! Thanks for keeping this Server alive, we're all prou ...
[Owner] MrPNutts aStaff Congratulations Wylie! And thank you for saving Lucid!!!

Happy Halloween!

[Owner] MrPNutts aStaff posted Oct 31, 15

Here's your Halloween treat: I've enabled the Lib's Disguises! By typing /disguise you may disguise yourself as any of the following things:

/disguise <DisguiseType> <Baby>

You can use the disguises: Armor_Stand, Arrow, Bat, Blaze, Boat, Cave_Spider, Chicken, Cow, Creeper, Donkey, Dropped_Item, Egg, Elder_Guardian, Ender_Crystal, Ender_Dragon, Ender_Pearl, Ender_Signal, Enderman, Endermite, Experience_Orb, Falling_Block, Fireball, Firework, Fishing_Hook, Ghast, Giant, Guardian, Horse, Iron_Golem, Item_Frame, Leash_Hitch, Magma_Cube, Minecart, Minecart_Chest, Minecart_Command, Minecart_Furnace, Minecart_Hopper, Minecart_Mob_Spawner, Minecart_Tnt, Mule, Mushroom_Cow, Ocelot, Painting, Pig, Pig_Zombie, Player, Primed_Tnt, Rabbit, Sheep, Silverfish, Skeleton, Skeleton_Horse, Slime, Small_Fireball, Snowball, Snowman, Spider, Splash_Potion, Squid, Thrown_Exp_Bottle, Undead_Horse, Villager, Witch, Wither, Wither_Skeleton, Wither_Skull, Wolf, Zombie, Zombie_Villager

So for example: /disguise cow

To return to normal: /undisguise

Have fun being "something else" for Halloween!

[Owner] MrPNutts aStaff I wasn't going to, but I thought about it and re-enabled the plugin for staff only.
[Owner] Jacie aFounderStaff Sorry yall I have been absent...I have had my own disguise crafters to deal with! I have not been feeling we ...
[Owner] MrPNutts aStaff There is the potential for abuse with this kind of a plugin. I'm going to talk to more of the staff about it. Am I wrong ...

I have a little surprise planned for the server all day on Halloween. Come join us! Will it be a trick, or treat? :)

#I<3Lucid 1 day until halloween! Amazing ...
[Prem.] AzureKirby351 here comes fun
[OP] gingercoastie Staff Only 5 more days!! (As of the time I am writing this)