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Builders Needed!

[Owner] MrPNutts aStaff posted Feb 12, 15

Would you like to help us build part of Lucid Dreams? WylieTrout a.k.a. Wylie a.k.a. WiFi is assembling a team of rockstar builders to create a new spawn for SkyStone. Do /warp ss to see what we have now.
Click the Builder Application button in the menu above the video or click this link:
[Owner] Jacie aFounderStaff Made this post sticky to remain at top for now cuz it's so cute ...
Kkl341 You accepted me but i dnt have the name rank like others
[CoOwn] wylietrout Staff Here's the application link: ...

This needs to be said!

[Owner] Jacie aFounderStaff posted Feb 12, 15

Congrats to the newest staff members!!

I apologize for my absence of late.  Life events get in the way sometimes.  :DD  Never think for one minute that I do not miss yall very much and truly wish I could be on more....but will again soon once I get my grandchildren on a stable schedule.

Remember if it were not for our great players and staff, then Lucid Dreams would not exist and be one of the cleanest and friendliest servers around  Keep up the great work.  MrPNutts and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Thank you again for all of your continued support and as always Keep coming back!!


[Prem.] Bacopa Cabana,Pikmin Flower no I was applying for staff
[Owner] Jacie aFounderStaff Did you mean to put this under the builders app?
[Prem.] Bacopa Cabana,Pikmin Flower I applied but Game said it won't let her reply :( Do I need to re-apply?

Happy New Year!

[Owner] MrPNutts aStaff posted Dec 31, 14


le_fancy_fox I think my brain died after I saw thĂ aaaattttt
[SBldr] Skylord_Quintus That GIF is too flashy...
[Prem.] Dets65 Oh, and Jacie said my mcbans rating was fine before i got banned, so that's why i'm assuming it was a bot.


[Owner] MrPNutts aStaff posted Dec 29, 14
I brought back the rank of Co-owner to help me manage the server. It is NOT a demotion for the staff that previously had the Owner rank. Forget about the "Co" and remember the "Owner" part. They are still owners, do the same things, and make the same decisions. Nothing has changed except a few letters in their rank. :)
[Owner] Jacie aFounderStaff Yes and then we rank you accordingly on the website. Also, cuz your special ...
[Prem.] Sleepy Foxy I have a question... Why do I have a premium account..? I've only been on the website for a while now, and just noticed ...

It's all about the lag

[Owner] MrPNutts aStaff posted Dec 28, 14
When you build with world edit and experience lag do //clearhistory and /clearhistory. That might be enough. Also, don't place a lot of signs as they cause lag. The server is running well and unless someone is clearing a plot we are not experiencing lag for everyone at the same time. So try those two commands and see if it helps. If your plot is laggy let us know and we can help find out why.