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New IP Address!

[CoOwn] MrPNutts aStaff posted 13 hours ago

Join us at

[Owner] Jacie aFounderStaff TY MR. <3

Would you like to see Lucid at version 1.10?

Head on over to our Forums and join the Lucid upgrade discussion thread. We're just getting started looking at Lucid to see if we can upgrade it to a newer version. We want your opinions and if we upgrade we may need helpers!

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to give stats.

  • Number of plugins: 47

  • Phase I - Determine if a plugin loads in 1.10.2
    • Complete

  • Phase II - Determine if a plugin works in 1.10.2 (can you sit in a chair, etc.)
    • Complete

  • Phase III - Staff testing
    • Complete - It's just a matter of time now!

Number of plugins remaining: 0

All phasees complete!. Check back for updates!

Comments here are disabled. Please make all comments in the discussion thread. - MrPNutts


[Owner] Jacie aFounderStaff posted Jul 24, 16



or you can use:



[Prem.] PinkStardust The ip is not working for me at the moment it says (cannot connect to server) i did try both ips but they both did not w...
[Owner] Jacie aFounderStaff my bad it looks a little like and, where this all started long ago 4 years...
[Owner] Jacie aFounderStaff OH THANK U <3

In the month of September I'll match every dollar donated to Lucid.

You donate a dollar, I donate a dollar. You donate five dollars, I donate five dollars. Please don't make me go broke. I have two keeds to feed. lolz

Our hosting service fixed their servers and Lucid no longer crashes. <whew>

Have fun everyone!

[CoOwn] MrPNutts aStaff Is anything still broken IG? I can restore files from backups if something big needs fixed.
[CoOwn] 99CHARA99 -ɯʇ- Staff WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Thank goodness it's been confirmed