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Remember, never look at the sun without protection. Not even for a moment. :) Use approved glasses (not sunglasses) or even better, use one of the techniques below so you don't have to look directly at the sun at all. There will be plenty of professionals taking pictures and videos, so why not just enjoy it using tools you make yourself!

Make a pinhole box or pinhole projector to view the eclipse and amaze your friends! Or you can even stand under a tree! The sunlight shining through leaves behaves like a pinhole projector and you'll see the eclipse projected on the ground (see a picture of the effect at this link about halfway down the page).

Post pictures of your eclipse related activities here, including your pinhole box or projector and the images of the eclipse you captured with it. Or any stories about the exclipse. We're supposed to get so many visitors here in Oregon that officials predict the entire state will be in gridlock with too many cars on the roads. People might be stuck in traffic for days! Impress your family with your preparedness for any situation: food / snacks / water / first aid kit / entertainment.

I hope you're having a good summer!

Edit: Added a short video from the eclipse. It was weird when it got dark, except it was still light around the horizon. Like a sunset but all around us 360 degrees. Apologies for the terrible quality. :)


[Founder] Jacie aFounder posted Aug 7, 17

[Founder] Jacie aFounder Here's the link: https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/lucid-dreams-1175996/vote/

Starting right now I am going to try to remember each day again.  Bad month.

I was surprised when I tried to join Lucid this morning and instead received the outdated server error! If this happens to you and you don't know what to do, here's an article on how to change the Minecraft version in your Launcher. Select 1.11.2 as the version.

As soon as 1.12 is available to us, we'll look at our plugins and make sure they all run OK on 1.12.

What new 1.12 feature are you looking forward to the most?

[CoOwn] MrPNutts aStaff As expected, a few of our plugins don't work with 1.12. So no quick upgrade. :(
[CoOwn] Error <Thatsmusic99> aStaffo The fact that there's a text-to-speech option now xDDD

Lucid is already a safe place, and we're going to make it even safer!

The chat filter does a great job of keeping bad words out of chat. But when staff isn't around some folks keep trying to find words that the chat filter doesn't block and that can bother other players.

In the next few days, I'm going to install the latest version of ChatControl which has a feature where warning points are assigned when someone triggers the chat filter. It can then automatically take action based on those points. For example, currently ChatControl auto-kicks a player when they swear, but they can then relog and keep trying to swear. With the new version we can auto-ban them when their points get to a certain level.

The upgrade won't take long and the server will be whitelisted while the work is being done. So if you can't join and see a message that we're doing maintenance, wait about 10 minutes and try again!