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Once your name is added onto this list, we will check with /lup name to see if it says 0 bans and 10 rep.  If it says that, it means a plugin somehow banned you.  I am still attempting to figure this problem out.  If anyone has any thoughts on what may be causing it, please comment below.  Thank you and once again, I am truly sorry.  You will need to be pardoned from the console, it will not work in game.  Only a few people have console, Jacie, Revenge, Rachel, Freaky, Stephon, and IMMAboss445 ( my son) but he doesn't come on much.  Even if you tell another owner it will not be remedied from in game, has to be console unban and pardon.  Thanks once again.  Jacie  
[Prem.] Socko32 Jacie, Chease banned Me for saying Damnit ive been raided. Top then told chease as she had just logged on, I said I cuss ...
[Owner] Jacie aStaffFounder Post a comment here under this post if you are still banned by an operator, that is what it will say if it is an acciden ...

Server is back open for now, however:

[Owner] Jacie aStaffFounder posted Jul 13, 14
We may still see some issues when angel logs in or when mcbuilder logs in.  I have installed a new plugin called killer void to try to eliminate further issues where the void stops the server in it's tracks, will kill the player when they touch the void, which could be very helpful.

Thank you,
[Owner] Jacie aStaffFounder did it reban her again? I know that no staff member banned again, as I have told them I am working hard on both of your ...
[Owner] Jacie aStaffFounder MrPNutts can you show me where all those enchantment tables are? I am working hard trying to fix this issue, I have sea ...
[Prem.] MrPNutts No worries at all about the ban. I assumed she was banned because her account was one of the problem ones (to keep her f ...
Please be patient and I am very sorry.

Very Important!!!!

[Owner] Jacie aStaffFounder posted Jul 10, 14
The server is randomly banning people, we do not know why. Some of you may have really been banned, but today at least 6 were banned mysteriously and we cannot figure it out.  Please be patient as we figure this out.  Sorry again.

Put your name down here if you feel this could not possible be right, as we are dealing with real bans and random bans at the same time... if you are really not banned, it will show up do us in /lup name, but if you are really banned you will be in the lookup.
[Prem.] MrPNutts MCBuilder7757 is banned.
[Owner] Jacie aStaffFounder Anyone else? Updated to 1.7.10 yesterday and updated to latest essentials and group manager. There were many issues wi ...
[Owner] Jacie aStaffFounder Me too, I keep timing out, but remember this.....we are in the middle of huge updating and have been since about Septemb ...
Sorry for the short notice.  However I was patiently waiting on this transfer for many months.  All we have to do now is wait for the ip to be pointed to the domain.  

[S-Mod] quinnzilla818 Staff whats wrong with the server right now
[Prem.] Kyman123456 Hey everyone. I'm really bored single server. I want getting on the Lucid dreams. I want second chance. I will never gri ...
[OP] Randomgirly99 Staff Just wondering, is the LucidDreams server down for the time being until the ip is pointed to the domain?
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