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Click the link below and then click on the picture to make it bigger. This isn't all of PlotWorld, but can you find yours?

PlotWorld from space.

[OP] Starman245 Staff Is it all the plots? since some of my plots are near the edge.
[SBldr] SplinterPlaysMC If you go from the bottom 9 across and 2 up you will see my cruise ship plot xD
[CoOwn] Thatsmusic99 Staff I found one of my plots (next to Nat's purple one, not the rainbow one though), though not the massive pixelart one.

Planet Minecraft Vote Link

[Prem.] Medic even though I'm inactive on the actual server, I'm still going to show my appreciation for the first server I ever joi ...
[SBldr] ᑕOᗪEᗪGOᗩT Would you mind if i put this server on my website?
[CoOwn] Niestrat99 Staff I have voted! ...

Like the subject says, tell us what you did while you couldn't log onto your favorite Minecraft server!

[Prem.] Girly_Gamer1221 I just watched YouTube and freaked out about it and texted mc and irl friends
[OP] Starman245 Staff I actually went outside. Wow. Surprising.
Bunny_Gurl I watched princess diaries 2 ^u^

The new IP address is:

Shortly we will post instructions on how to change your MineCraft configuration to immediately use this new IP address. However, if you don't want to change anything and simply wait, your client will eventually be able to join the server. That could take up to 24 hours but usually much sooner than that.

So if you are reading this a few hours or more after I post it, first try joining Lucid as you've always done. In your client the server address should be However, if you have an IP address in your Server Address then you must change it to the new one above. It's best to use as your server address.

Thank you for your patience!

Rissa Im so lonely with no Lucid D': Does anyone know when it will be up again
Bunny_Gurl Thanks for putting that up because I didn't have ANY idea what was going on ...
Rissa So, I'm trying to log on right now. Its saying all authentic servers are down for maitnence, is it supposed to say that

The upgrade to 1.8.3 wasn't successful so Lucid is now running the same version it was before the upgrade attempt. The worst part is that some work people did on the 18th was lost. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

pixiepink2 I was banned from the server for no reason... why?
[Owner] Jacie aFounderStaff Minecraft 1.8.7 was released.
ZebraLover227 MrP, is the signs in the mall apart of the upgrade/update? If it is, and there is anything I can do to help, I will help ...